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The “Checkpoint Ilgen” is the idealistic art-salon since 2007 hosted by Jacqueline and Fré Ilgen in the salon-studio in their private apartment, Berlin, Germany; the format is an informal talk-show, including a one evening international exhibition and, in general, an audience with a maximum of 55 persons. “Checkpoint Ilgen#13” required an adaptation to host an audience of 80 persons.

Wang Tianling,
Counselor Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Berlin

Ambassador Bolat Nussupov,
Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Berlin

Dr. Parag Khanna,
Senior Fellow, Lee Kuan Yew School, Singapore

Fré Ilgen,
artist-theorist-curator-author, Berlin, moderator

The extensive amount of information on the economic motivations and real developments of “The New Silk Roads” (or: “One Belt, One Road”), as initiated by China in about 2013, is still largely new to many people, although the trains roll from China to Germany (and beyond) since a few years.

The attempt to bring art in a realistic way into the equation, made the “Checkpoint Ilgen#13” experimental, challenging and exciting. The success is the fact that so many from such a variety of professional backgrounds in business and in art attended this discussion. The subject is currently fast growing in importance.

“Checkpoint Ilgen#13” offered a good starting point. The mutual interest bridging economy-art is the basic human interconnection: in business one needs to meet the business-partner at eye-level, in art this is the actual main focus. Hardly any artist in the world makes art only for him/herself – responses from other persons are needed to understand what one is doing. Artists thus naturally (should) have an interest in other people.

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Report on "CPI #13", including many pictures