Asclepios Series (the paintings) / Asclepios - The Sculpture

Short 3 minutes Video

series of new paintings fusing art-health-hope
2019 - 2021- ...

“In 1575-1576 Tintoretto painted his magnificent The Brazen Serpent as ceiling painting for the Scuola Grande di San Rocco in Venice, providing hope for overcoming the Plague (Black Death). In late 2019, I started my first paintings with this motif as idiosyncratic transformations. As time and work went on, I became fascinated by the strong visual appeal, the multi-layered and multi-cultural meanings of this composition and the extraordinary relevancy to our own time. I would like to stress here that I do not use any mechanical projection methods. To me the personal physical interaction and struggle of the artist with the translation of the subject is basic for finding the right artistic expression.”