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THE VIEWER? The Actual Purpose of Art

The new book is the last of a trilogy addressing the question why do humans need art?

Previous books were:
ART? No Thing! Analogies between art, science and philosophy (2004)
and ARTIST? The Hypothesis of Bodiness (2014).

THE VIEWER? The Actual Purpose of Art

English, hardcover, 23 x 28 cm, 220 pages, 60 color reproductions.
Published by Salon Studio Ilgen, Germany, 2022. ISBN 978 3 00 072728 3

This publication has been realized thanks to a collective effort of financial and other support from the Tagore Foundation (USA), the Gabarrón Foundation (Spain), the Gifted Art Foundation (Netherlands), artists, collectors, art lovers and art dealers from Egypt, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea (ROK), the Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada, Spain, the USA (New York, California, DC), India. All artists are specially thanked for waiving their copyrights for this publication. Plus, thanks to the staff at picture databanks bpk, RMN and Scala for their professional help getting all pictures from various museums. Special thanks to François Blanchetière (musée d’Orsay), musée Rodin, musée Bourdelle, The Phillips Collection, Landau Fine Art, Pace Gallery, Ivo Bouwman Fine Art, The Ulla and Heiner Pietzsch Collection, for their kind assistance getting the right pictures.

Key notions: eye movements, alignment, familiarity, focus of attention, bewilderment, the brain’s need for stress and decline of stress, well-being, health, private environment, corporate social responsibility.

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ARTIST? The Hypothesis of Bodiness

ARTIST? The Hypothesis of Bodiness

English, hardcover, full color, 23 x 28 cm, apr 300 pages, apr 150 pictures of artworks, print run 2000.
The production of the book is supported by private and corporate main sponsors from Korea, and in various ways by private persons, museums and galleries, artists and photographers in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the USA.
Published April 2014 by Wasmuth GmbH, Germany
ISBN 978 3 8030 3364 2

The hypothesis of BODINESS is a new philosophy of the creation and experience of art, arguing we do not only and merely consciously decide what we wish to create or look at, because the human organism, the mind/body, sets perimeters for the creation of and experience offered by artworks. Bodiness does not have the body as subject but the involvement of the (mind/)body in everything we do, think or experience.

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ART? No Thing!

ART? No Thing!
Analogies between art, science and philosophy

edited by Megan Craig, English, 17 x 24 cm, 432 pages, 50 full color reproductions, 20 black/white pictures, Published by PRO Foundation, the Netherlands, in November/December 2004
ISBN 9 0901 8543 7

ART? No Thing!” is an extensive study of the analogies between art, science, and philosophy on experiencing art as an intermediary to understanding reality. Topics as diverse as essence and perception, both in context to the functioning of our brains and bodies in the continuously changing complexities of the world and the universe.

Another substantial part of Ilgen’s hypothesis is that we are all unique individuals, but are nevertheless not entirely free and not only unique. Many natural and highly complex processes around and within us have an impact on our existence, on our whole being, on our perception, and on art.

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Press for Champagne

Press for Champagne
Inside the Art World

Press for Champagne follows the motto all fiction except where it is not, offering a delightful fusion of personal and general views into the various aspects of the global art scene, building on many years of observations and experiences, at art galleries, art fairs and museums, fusing insights with critical remarks in readable, often “fat” and sometimes funny ways and surprising formats.
Personal experiences of the art-loving couple Fred Nohow and Jackie Sunshine at the Hong Kong art fair, the Venice Biennial, galleries and museums are followed by chapters with short descriptions of actual experiences of artists and art dealers in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the USA, and a series of virtual meetings and talks of “The Timeless Five” - a sequence of fictitious meetings of Rubens, Rodin, Kandinsky, Beckmann, and De Kooning, walking through Chelsea, New York, visiting MoMA, the MET and the Guggenheim.

Press for Champagne - Inside the Art World
English, softcover, black/white, 17 x 24 cm (6¾ x 9 ½ inches), 136 pages, 4 pictures, print run 500, worldwide distribution.
Published September 2019 by Studio Ilgen, Germany
ISBN 978-3-00-063442-0

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For information: fre.ilgen(at)

ART? No Thing!

"Not Just Another Manifesto"

by Donald Kuspit, a book review about "ART? No Thing! Aanalogies Between Art, Science and Philosophy", published as main feature review p. 3-5 of the The Art Book, Volume 12 Issue 4, November 2005
ISBN 1368 6267

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