Art For Corporate Interests: Your Long Journey, Seoul, Korea

Art in modern times has been promoted as luxury article, commodity or as medium for political and critical statements. Times change. Markets change.

Regardless of communication technologies in business, one still needs natural interhuman dialogue, for instance meeting in person. Throughout history artworks have always worked well as intermediary paving the way for business oriented interhuman relations.

Target audiences are back into focus, not only for corporations, but also for art. Artworks always had the capacity through natural appeal to visually offer experiences across cultures. The Renaissance and Baroque are two western examples of times when art was successfully applied for business (trade) purposes – in both directions over the (old) Silk Roads and seas.

In the global market place, corporations have to be active in countries very different from their own. For obvious reasons intercultural dialogue is a substantial part of any marketing strategy. Today artworks again may feature well in marketing strategies that build on mutual cultural respect and pave the way for local acceptance. The social responsibility standard for corporations operating in any part of the world has grown in significance, so far limited to corporate environmental policies.


“Mirrors of Continuous Change”
International exhibition containing 25 artists from various parts of Asia, Middle East, Africa, USA, Europe; a project curated by Fré Ilgen for Taekwang Industries, Korea (ROK); decisions made in close collaboration with the CEO, intended to promote the specific corporate identity in a global world;

“A first discussion on “The New Silk Roads Including Art?”, 2017, including general economic and corporate interests, click here for a special page and report. 2019 Ilgen initiated a series of brainstorm sessions to this subject with businesspersons, political and corporate consultants.

Scuola Grande di San Rocco
A brilliant Baroque example, initiated by Venice businessmen, acknowledging the beneficial impact of offering charitable services to underprivileged, in an environment immersed in visual splendor.