Fré Ilgen (1956, the Netherlands), based in Berlin, is a sculptor, painter, theorist, author and curator. His work is exhibited and owned widely in the United States, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australia. Originally figurative paintings, his artworks evolved through geometrical abstraction in sculpture and painting, through specializing in dynamic and very open compositions in mobiles, wall constructions and standing sculptures to new ways of dynamic modelling in sculpture and transforming motifs from the Baroque both in painting and in sculpture. The red line through his whole artistic development has always been to understand and simulate continuous change as experienced by individual human beings in the vortex of forces of nature. His ongoing quest to understand why humans need art has led him to acknowledge the biological component of the perception and experience of art, driving his artistic choices. He labels his artworks as CONTEMPORARY CLASSIC.

“FRÉ ILGEN – Summary Activities
as 'pragmatic idealist' since 1986"

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