Fré Ilgen participated as artist in the 56th Biennale Venezia 2015, “Frontiers Reimagined”,
Tagore Foundation:

"My various activities aim to motivate a refreshed excitement in acquiring art and bring art into one's own home." see: LECTURES.


Recent Contemporary Classic sculptures and paintings, see ART.

NEW: page contains six 2 minutes short video-clips on recent sculptures:
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Discussion to the subject ‘The New Silk Roads Including Art’.
A pragmatic response to the tougness of the art market.

Speakers: Wang Tianling (China), Ambassador Bolat Nussupov (Kazakhstan), Dr. Parag Khanna.
Moderator: Fré Ilgen
Attendance: 80 persons, from art, business, finance, policy-makers, journalism.
Nationalities: various countries in Europe, Asia and from Egypt.

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Throughout summer and fall: “Fré Ilgen Gallery”,
main building Sculpture Park Bei Wu, Wesenberg, Germany.
„Checkpoint Ilgen#13“, a group exhibition, Berlin, Germany


NEW: Fré Ilgen interviewed by Ilaria Bochicchio for "Hysteria Art Magazine", Italy: click here


"Fracturing Conceptual Art: The Asian Turn" (Art Platform Asia: 2017); Thoughts by six different authors that shake the conceptual authority of art, re-engaging with the artists and their art-making.  Edited by Kate Lim.  ISBN 979-11-961693-0-5 Includes essay "Art: For the Professional or For the Art-Viewer? Necessary Involvement of the Mind/Body", Fré Ilgen
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Painting „Tumblin‘ Dice“ (2012) included in leading Chinese poetry magazine „Shanghai Literature Nr. 2017.07, p.79, illustration to ""Painting/ Elegy Spanned by a Bridge", poem by internationally acknowledged poet Yang Lian, which was inspired by this painting.

Four full pages picture report and article in ‘Bunt’, Magazine German, DSV, (bank) Sparkasse, on the commissioned and site specific sculpture ‘Vertigo’: click here